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Starting a Blog: Hear the Tribal Screams?

Why bother with a Strong Word blog in this media-saturated universe?

Because Michael Hyatt says to. Because Chad R. Allen says to. Because Seth Godin to. Because the proof is in the platform -- that annoying word everyone is using now to say you've got followers (as Godin describes it, a "tribe") or a way to grow them.

Besides, it's fun. And having to write short, engaging items on a regular basis is good practice, no matter if there's an audience or not, right?

I've read countless blog entries. I've helped clients produce them. Most will be read by a tiny number of visitors. (Maybe this one too!) But there is a worthwhile discipline is having to publish content regularly that's shaped for your tribe, your key audience.

Who is your tribe? Are you communicating with it?

Here's some great "how-to" advice from Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson, from Chad Allen, editorial director of Baker Books, and from Seth Godin, an icon of new marketing.

Video clip: Seth Godin and Tom Peters on the value of blogging.

Tips from Seth Godin

"How to Start a Blog" (Hyatt)

"How to Write a Blog Post in 70 Minutes or Less" [Podcast] (Hyatt)

"What I've Learned about Blogging from Writing More than 1,000 Posts" (Hyatt)

"The Basics of Building a Platform" (Allen)

"Five Brilliant Things Writers Can Do to Overcome a Small Platform" (Allen)

Now go write!

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