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It all started in third grade . . .

That is when The Strong Word's founder, Anita K. Palmer (at right, standing) fell in love with reading -- and editing and writing.

. . . And it grew into a passion.

Photo: Charles Boyd

For more than 30 years, Anita Palmer has used her writing and editing skills to help publishers, authors, magazines, newspapers, businesses and individuals with their messaging and manuscripts.

Strong Word editing writing

Photo: Chuck Boyd


"I love to read, I love to write, and I can't help but edit everything (yes, even menus). How cool it is that I get to help others by doing what I love!"

-- Anita Palmer

Strong Word editing writing

In addition to EXPERTISE, we bring to each project . . .


A joyful passion for all forms of editing and writing.

Comprehension of your message and commitment to your voice.

A collaborative approaching rather than a dictatorial one.

A foundation in journalism, providing speed, accuracy,  and breadth of knowledge.

Encouragement and coaching for new writers.

Awareness of the interaction of words and graphics.  Always looking at content with an eye toward design.



Palmer brings to The Strong Word years of experience as:

A managing editor of a national monthly magazine.

• A marketer at a nonprofit.

reporter and assistant news editor at a metropolitan newspaper.

A media relations officer for a university.

A marketing content creator for numerous small businesses.


A passion for books, both nonfiction and fiction. For nearly 15 years Palmer has worked with traditional publishers and individual authors, providing editing and consultations on more than 75 manuscripts.


The Strong Word’s modus operandi is shaped by a Christian worldview. Integrityhonestyencouragement and service are not just slogans; they define how The Strong Word does business.

Contact us today: 619-208-7202 

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